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the past week or so in so many words 17.06.2010
The most beautiful beach in the world, unda da sea 08.06.2010
Let's just pause for a second or longer 23.05.2010
It's been awhile 23.04.2010
Wait, so you're telling me this isn't a 5 month vacation? 13.04.2010
The moment you've all been waiting for... 11.04.2010
Milk and cookies shall never be the same 28.03.2010
Sweet as... 25.03.2010
Sydney! 16.03.2010
New Job --> Shopping Spree...and first day of uni 01.03.2010
Beach Day! 20.02.2010
Oi! Grab your sunnies, slap on your thongs 20.02.2010
Melbourne Welcome 15.02.2010
In the bush 11.02.2010
Move-In 09.02.2010
Day One 07.02.2010