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Day One

sunny 95 °F

Well today began a bit strange. After being in a plane for more than a day's time and sleeping about six hours, you would think that I would be exhausted. Well, I was, but somehow only managed to sleep 6.5 hours last night. Yeah. I went to bed at 1 am and woke up at 7:30. Great! I also haven't had much of an appetite. That could also be due to living on airline food for a day. Yuck. Tyler, let me just say that it is not good. Thai air is so cute though. The flight attendants wear these cute get-ups (I wouldn't know what to call them) and the seats were pink and purple and yellow! The long flights were not as bad as I had anticipated.

Wow, whoops. Sorry about that tangent. Anyway, I'm really happy because I got done everything that I needed to today and it took no time at all. The tram stop is 2 blocks from the hotel so I hopped on that this morning and went into the city (quite nerve racking). I went to bank, got my phone, and found a TARGET! It was in this huge building/shopping centre complex. There was also food there too. Once I got my errands out of the way it was only 1:30 or so, so I headed towards the tram stop that would take me back, of course stopping at the QV which is this massive building with shops and a food court (which is good food, not fast food and comes in a variety of ethnic choices). I almost bought a pair of shoes, but restrained myself since I spent so much in a matter of minutes (they were essentials, though!). Oh, and I got another bag, but I used it to carry my purchases so it was kind of essential!? THEN after this overwhelming place it gets better...
Melbourne Central. Now this place is HUGE. I'm very confident that is contains more shops than Plattsburgh and it's surrounding areas. Ok, I realize Plattsburgh isn't a great place to compare to, but think about it! This place was at least 4 stories high with all kinds of designer name shops (of course I've never heard of many of them) and places to eat. I mostly just wandered around aimlessly, too intimidated to actually go in. This was mainly because I probably would look at a price tag and run out! Anyway, I'm back in my hotel room which is very modest and has a walk-in closet for some reason, not huge maybe 4x4ft. I'm waiting to get hungry then wander up the street and find some food. The weather is absolutely beautiful... not a cloud in the sky. The weather when I checked this morning was only supposed to be 85 today. I say "only", because I checked again when I got back here and weather.com said 95!!! Yeah, I'm completely loving it :)

Thanks for amusing yourself with my pointless jabbering!

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