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Beach Day!

So I may be getting back late because of the Australian semester schedule, but I realized today that I'm basically on my summer vacation now. Yeah. What a great feeling! Today we went to St. Kilda beach which is just south of the city. What a perfect day for it too!! It was gorgeous out! For lunch we went to this amazing restaurant that is like nothing you've ever been to before. It's called Lentil as Anything and although I was craving a hamburger, it's a vegetarian joint. Don't let that turn you away though because I had these japanese pancakes and they were the most amazing thing I've ever tasted. Just delicious. The place is so different because of their philosophy. They are a restaurant but they are not for profit. The food doesn't have prices you just pay what you have on you or what you think you should owe. Here's more info if you're bored and want to check it out: http://www.lentilasanything.com/
I want to figure out how to make these pancakes!! I'm about to shower and cook dinner :)

xox Brit

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Oi! Grab your sunnies, slap on your thongs

Back by popular demand

Sunnies = sunglasses. Represent Silhouette/Adidas!!! haha
Thongs = flip flops

Today was absolutely gorgeous out. I went to South Bank which sits on the Yarra River in Melbourne with my friend Darcy. It is my absolute favorite view of the city. The actual water looks like the Genesee river in Rochester, though. He mentioned this coffee thing that I [of course] just had to try! It's called an affagato (sounds like avocado, right?). It's a scoop of ice cream and a shot of expresso. Quite possibly the most amazing thing to ever hit my taste buds. I'm not exaggerating in the least bit. Melbournians hold true to the word in my travel guides that they pride themselves on their coffee. Every cup I have gets better I swear! AND there's a phenomenal place on campus with delicious java. When I order I get a skinny flat white which is just coffee with skim milk and it's delicious!!! Wow. I just realized I talked a good bit about coffee there hehe. He was feeling peckish so we got some food and affagato followed by gelato...mmmm. Such a fun day as we made fun of each other's inability to pronounce words or just using funny words altogether (he's an Aussie).

So a bit of an update...Yesterday we had a study abroad/exchange student briefing where we got more info and figured out which college we are in. I'm in the Arts college which is apparently where psych and all that jazz are. Then, my friend Chelsea and I went job hunting on Lygon St. Lygon St is this famously Italian street with all sorts of great cafes, restaurants, and shops. It's in Carlton, about a 15 min walk from my apartment. We then came back and went for a walk to the Vic Market (one of my favorite places). AND get this - I may be getting a job in a chocolate shop in the market!!!! I'm so excited. That's like heaven on earth! Yay! I'm getting a bit over eager about it, but it's exciting!

Becs and I just made that chickpea tamarind salad that Aunt Laurie made this summer at camp. We jazzed it up a bit and it was soooo delicious! I love cooking me own food. I don't think I can ever live in a dorm again! Anyway we are off to the video store to get this very Aussie movie for us to watch.

xox Brit

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Melbourne Welcome

Starting saturday the 13th of Feb., we began a jam packed 5 days full of group activities that encouraged seeing the sights of the city and socialization. Saturday was very difficult for me to enjoy myself because I was exhausted. We went to Eureka tower which is this massive skyscraper with great views of the city. The downside was that the weather was pretty cloudy and chilly, but of course it could be much worse! My group leader, Jack Fang, is the most high-strung neurotic person I could have been stuck with and my group was full of oddballs so I tried with little success to shift to other groups. I slept a ton saturday night so I was well rested for the zoo on Sunday! Before the zoo, while everyone else went to the Victoria Market (we had already been there) some of my friends went shopping. The zoo was nice, but I didn't get to see the koalas' cute little faces. I think we plan on going to a sanctuary not far from here where you can hold them which would be sooo great! Anyway, we then had a dinner with Aussie trivia. Today we went to the beach for a surfing lesson. I was really excited to be going again, but the weather did not bode well for us. It was soooo windy for the first couple hours we were there and finally around our group's lunch time the sun started to come out. Hooray! I actually ditched my group and hung out with these other people which turned out to be a good decision. Some of the people I met actually live in the Village as well. I definitely got some color today. Tomorrow we have various activities to choose from. In the morning I'm going on this boat tour of the city, then we have lunch in the city, and then another activity in the afternoon. There are so many options, but the most appealing to me will have to be the outlets :)
One of the big setbacks of this program is that it takes place at one of the residential colleges on campus which is a 10-15 walk from my apartment and also requires me to be living out of a suitcase. I feel so unorganized, I hate it! I can't wait to get back and settled into my apartment (which I already felt like I had) and buy groceries and cook my own meals. Oh! That reminds me, I tried Vegemite. Eek. It doesn't taste like anything you've ever had except bitter and very salty. That's all for now. Check out the pictures from camping and the zoo!

xoxo Brit

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In the bush

...that would be the forest

So yesterday morning we took off for the Great Ocean road for some surfing lessons and the great outdoors. Let me tell you, we got it! Surfing was SO MUCH FUNNNNNN!!!! I can't wait to go again! After surfing we headed back and had some free time before dinner. We went for a walk and saw WILD KANGAROOS! It was sooo cool. Sidenote - I tried kangaroo today and it was pretty good. It was like steak, but a little tough. We stayed at this boy scout camp, which means about 6 bunkbeds in this tiny room which was super damp and dirty. Camping is not my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors but I don't necessarily enjoy sleeping in it... especially when I wake up to a massive spider on the wall. Yeah, this guy was about the size of post-it. This morning we had this sort of activity/adventure course that we had to complete. You know, all of that 'fun' team building stuff you do when your a kid which our instructor reminded us of. He was like, "Yeah, usually I do this with younger people and..." It ended up being pretty fun though. We had a good group at least which was nice. Then more walking exploring and back to Melbourne where it's been raining, no, pouring :( but oh well it's still warmer than home! Sorry guys.
I'm about to get ready to go out with some new friends, not Aussie's sadly. I haven't had the chance to meet many of them. Maybe in the next two weeks of orientation that are in store for us!

Here's some neat little tidbits that I've noticed when talking with my roommate or other Aussies...
Apparently they call clothespins pegs (don't ask how this came up) and comforters are called something that I don't remember but I know that Bec was laughing at me. Their "d"s sound more like "j"s. Other silly things I can't really describe typing because I couldn't spell them. Just shortened phrases and stuff like that.DSCN0933.jpgDSCN0925.jpg

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I moved into "the Village" today. The RMIT Old Village is the real name, but they call it the Village. I'm on my roomies computer right now as I do not have internet yet. She's so great. She acted as a bit of a tour guide and took us to a great Italian place for dinner. Soooo good. I was so excited when I got into my room. It's not too big the worst part is our kitchen lacks a stove, so sadly no baking :( . At some point though I'm going to go to Bec's home in the country part of Victoria. I think the town is Bendigo. She's going this weekend but I'm not sure if I'll join, most likely next time. It's so great living with an Aussie who knows where to go/what to do. I'll be brief because I think she has homework to do. She's taking high school classes at RMIT University in the city. She's what we would call a junior in high school. I think they call it U12 or something. Hopefully she doesn't read this and realize how clueless I am! Anyway tomorrow we go to Great Ocean Road for an overnight and a surfing lesson. Some good ol group bonding. Woo!

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