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Soooo last weekend I went to the ballet with Bec and her mum. We saw Coppelia which they said was good for my first ballet because it has a story line and isn't quite abstract. It was amazing!! The orchestra, dancing, costumes, and stage were absolutely beautiful. I had such a lovely time!

I had to say goodbye to two friends which went differently than I had expected. I expected there to be tears and sadness. What happened was a good farewell night with dinner, movie, and junk food. So great! Aaaand no tears! I think I've realised that times up and I'm ready to come home. Although I could definitely return after a brief visit!

Sunday night I went to Port Campbell with Darcy and met his parents at their holiday house. We stayed for a few nights and it was so relaxing! Downfall: cat allergies. They have a cat that commutes with them and I was miserably congested and sneezed more times in three days than I have ever done. That aside they toured me around the beautiful Great Ocean Road scenery, and I got to see things that I haven't see yet. It was wonderful. His dad also fired up the barbie for afternoon tea. I love Australia. Back to reality...

I worked today, and I work tomorrow. Saturday I'm going to a Shakespeare production that Bec, my roommate, is in at noon. Followed by the Titanic exhibit, Brunetti's (amazing cafe with sweets), shopping, dinner, and out on the town. Sunday I work again and then I'm going out with my work buddies for a farewell dinner. Tuesday I have my last exam in French. I'm going to Geelong for Darcy's birthday at some point after that next week. Busy, busy, busy. Eeeek!

Still not ready to leave this place! Although summer will be more than a warm welcome when I return!!

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The most beautiful beach in the world, unda da sea

and over the sea on three pieces of boat

Let me first apologize for not writing in ages. My concern when I returned from Whitsundays was writing three papers, so I was all worded-out to write this until now :)

Monday 24 May we went to the MCG to watch Australia beat New Zealand in a friendly match and their last one before leaving Aussie soil. It was sooo exciting! Australia made a come from behind win and scored within the last minute of the game!

We (Chelsea, Ali, Alissa, Melanie, & myself) left the 27 May for Mackay, Queensland where we took a bus to Airlie Beach. The weather was beautiful and much warmer than Melbourne! And sunny too! We checked into our hostel which was huge and our little cabin we slept in was practically in the rain-forest. This meant that it was extremely damp as well. Oh, did I mention that the AC turned on sporadically and we couldn't control it. It was soooooo cold and we didn't know that we had to buy/rent a top sheet and pillow so I slept freezing the first night there wearing all the clothes I could. This would have worked out much better had I packed warm clothes, but since I was headed to the tropical region why would I do that?! Friday morning was just as gorgeous. We walked around on the little main street that was there and hung out by the lagoon again. I also bought green and gold M&Ms in honour of the Australian World Cup team. The name Airlie Beach is quite misleading because as it turns out there is actually no beach. Actually, there is a beach, but no one goes there because it's very yucky. This same day I discovered after walking by Baskin Robbins several times that you can buy their delicious smelling cones for just a dollar. What a perfect snack! Friday night we figured out how to turn off the AC luckily. The funny thing is that we never would have attempted to turn it off if there hadn't been a welcoming sign that read: "Please do not turn off the air conditioning. It is on an automatic schedule." All this meant to us was that the AC could in fact be turned off. Brilliant! After standing on the bunk bed, some dust, and a few dead moths later we found the hidden switches. Success!

Saturday morning Chelsea, Ali, and I got up for the sunrise (6:30 am) which could have been better but it was still pretty. The hills were covering the rising sun. There was a public market that we walked around for a bit, had some coffee and some homemade apple cake - so yummy! We gathered up all of our stuff and walked to the marina where we would board our three pieces of boat called Avatar. It was a little cloudy that day, but it was still a great day. We had a bit of a snorkel in the afternoon which was sooo exciting! I panicked at first because I wasn't sure that I like not being able to breathe through my nose. After some adjustment and realisation that it's much easier to just stick your head in the water and float than it is to tread water, I became acclimated to the new sensation. Unfortunately we couldn't use our sails, so we motored along to where we would sleep for the night. Apparently our crew had never seen the ocean so calm in three years, AND it manage to stay that way for the next two days we were on the boat - which is also unheard of. This worked out well for us because no one got seasick! Hooray! We tried to sleep on the net between the boat and pontoons but it was a bit chilly, so after some beautiful star-gazing we headed under to sleep.

Sunday morning we woke up for another sunrise followed by a snorkel. At this time, ~ 7:00 am, I was not too warm or awake, but with the possibility of sea turtle spotting I jumped into my stinger suit and convinced Ali to join me. Not all of the passengers came along because it was so early/cool. I saw some new fishies that I hadn't seen yet, but no sea turtles. After swimming back to the boat, we gobbled up a great brekkie. There was always food waiting for us when we got out of the water. Actually, there was always food. We motored to see the beautiful Whitehaven beach where I took more pictures than necessary to capture the beauty of the sand and water, though my photos hardly do it justice. After the beach we went for another snorkel which was the best by far. It was so sunny and clear. THe fish and coral were amazing. I saw even more fish than before. We were also feeding these bat fish off the back of our boat. They were massive and ugly. Yuck. I steered clear of those buggers. After this wonderful snorkeling session we buoyed and anchored up to watch the sunset which was AMAZING - photos to come soon. It was a great time and I am so lucky that I got to see it.

I'm off to meet people now, so I'll have to wrap this up. We are going to the bottle shop followed by some cheap dinner and out to our favorite place that plays 90s pop- fantastic. It's the last night we have with all of us out together because everyone starts heading back to the states. Sigh. :( I'm going to make the most of my remaining weeks.

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Let's just pause for a second or longer

I'll be on a plane home in 5 weeks. It's scary and exciting and thrilling and nerve-racking and sad all at once.

As much as I love my city, Melbourne, I miss my family and friends at home. That's heaps by the way!

Today we did a wine tour in the gorgeous Yarra Valley. My new life ambition is to own a ranch in the Valley with horses and sheep :) It is so beautiful - pictures to come soon!! It was such a great day. We got picked up in Melbourne at 9:45 and drove about 40 minutes to our first winery where I had a glass of sparkling red wine at Chandon vineyards owned by Louis Vuitton.

Since I've last posted I've done a day trip on the Great Ocean Road. It was the most beautiful drive. Just kilometres of coastline!! I've been working hard a french final project. We are performing a little skit we came up with in front of the class on Wednesday, so we've been meeting a lot. I've been working at least once a week. I've been to a rugby game and two more footy games! I plan on seeing at least one more game of my Bombers (Essendon). I have three papers due in two weeks, so more real school work. Again, who knew?

The next week proves to be pretty excting...
Monday: Socceroos game! -That would be Australia vs. New Zealand and their last game before the WORLD CUP! yeah pretty excited about that one. followed by an 80s party. Mmmm yes, I can't wait!!
Tuesday: Rather low key, real work = yuck. I'll probably watch the survivor season finale with everyone because for some reason the love that show.
Wednesday: Dinner and last night with everyone here because after this night they all start leaving, sadly.
Thursday: Depart for Whitsunday islands go on a sailing tour and scuba dive the reef!!!! Return Tuesday the 1st of June to write 2-3 papers (depending what I get done before thursday!) before the 8th of June. Yup one week, three papers, I can't wait.

Meanwhile, it's getting pretty chilly here and in my belief that Australia was supposed to be warm I neglected to pack warm clothes, so I've invested in a hat and jacket - well worth it I might add.

Talk sooner than later.
xox Brit

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It's been awhile

...but not as long as last time!

Hi! So I worked thursday and friday which wasn't too exciting. I made a delicious dinner last night. I got chicken from across the way in the market. It was marinaded lemon and pepper and Amazing!! Today I'm accompanying Bec to the zoo with her cousins and aunt. It's not looking like a nice day though, sadly. Hopefully it changes as Melbourne weather often does!

Michelle at work pointed out something to me yesterday that I hadn't noticed before. There are no family style restaurants here! And chain restaurants are few and far between. I guess that food isn't as common or people just don't go out to eat it. There's heaps of family run ethnic places - Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc but no Gumas'! It's so true, but I hadn't realized their lacking before, so when I want comfort food I need to make it myself!! I am going to be so cultured, my knowledge of food has increased so much! Well, not the actually cooking part but all of these ingredients that we sell that I've never seen before have entered my vocabulary. Chia seeds, dukkah, bourghal flour, star anise, to name a few.

I hope that you enjoy the appearance of the new blog. I went back to my days as a compsci nerd and played around with the code and found how to tweak it. It took so long because I didn't remember/maybe didn't learn html. Anywhooooo I actually did work this week AGAIN!! Yeah, I had an annotated bibliography and a presentation Monday! I don't have any assignment for next week other than working on this group french project. We have monday off because it's Anzac day. It commemorates when Australia and New Zealand first fought together. I think. That's by VERY basic understanding of it. Hopefully I'll have events to share from this weekend.

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Wait, so you're telling me this isn't a 5 month vacation?


I didn't want to get too ahead of myself with the last entry, but saturday night Chelsea and I accompanied Rog (friend from work) and his mates at our first Australian rules football game aka footy. It is a fantastic game to watch (and play I'm sure)! Just imagine the intensity of hockey - fast paced, physical, and put it on a grass field with no pads or protective gear. Yup. Amazing. I absolutely love it. It trumps American football by far, though granted I never really enjoyed that anyway. It's just so quick and physical. Fantastic! Check out clips on youtube or something, you won't regret it!

I started my serious soccer training yesterday with a 35 minutes run. I was really tired and didn't think I'd be going that far, but instead of doing my usual loop in the park I kept going straight and found myself along the tram tracks and then the zoo! I ran around the perimeter of the zoo and headed back. It was getting dark and I wasn't 100% certain where I was. I mean, I had a general idea of the direction I wanted to go in so I kept my pace up the entire way as to beat the darkness and unfamiliarity. This worked out to my advantage since it was a great workout. Had I been in the same, all too familiar territory I normally endure, then my run probably would not have been as successful.

Here I am the night before my French midterm, and oh yeah, PRESENTATION, thinking to myself, wait, I actually have to do some studying?! So of course one of the main reasons I'm posting is to further procrastinate. I capitalized presentation because I knew I had a presentation week 7. Notice how there is no date attached to that. Such an annoying system!! My tutorial instructor, this awkward graduate student, was supposed to get back to an email I had sent him a week before I left. I had asked when I was presenting so that I could, you know, be prepared!? He said he would let me know when he got to his office tuesday. Hmmm. He never responded! I found out last night when I stumbled upon the subject schedule online that apparently, THIS IS WEEK 7!!! Great, so I need to study for French and prepare a presentation. Hooray! Yippee! Imagine my excitement at this news...I had been thinking this entire time that this is week 6, which it in fact is because the rest of the university community does not count Easter holiday into their schedules. Argh. So annoying!

Anywho, you'll be glad to know that it's starting to get a bit cooler here in around the 50's. I'm not prepared for this! I feel so spoiled from the heat. Also, if I can't handle 50's how I am going to return to the brutality of a Rochester winter! Eek! I'm still loving it here and having a good time, but definitely missing all my friends and family at home. Quick! Someone invent a teleporter!

xox Brit :)

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